BEST rewards by Bitpanda
BEST rewards is a loyalty program from Bitpanda for the users that have invested in the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token. Users that hold BEST and do one trade per month (it doesn’t matter the size of the trade) can claim their BEST rewards every month. The more BEST you hold and the more you trade, the more you can benefit from the BEST rewards.

Every user that holds BEST and has done a minimum of one trade has to claim their reward on the Bitpanda Platform. After claiming it the rewards will be credited at the end of the month.
If you hold BEST then you are entitled to +0,50% of your BEST holdings every month, but only if you have also made one trade on the platform.

Additional to the 0,50% you can get even more if you hold enough BEST to reach one of the VIP levels.

  • BEST VIP level 1 (5.000 BEST): +0,05%
  • BEST VIP level 2 (50.000 BEST): +0,10%
  • BEST VIP level 3 (500.000 BEST): +0,15%

If you hold 100.000 BEST (VIP level 2) and do one trade of €50, then you qualify for 0,50% for your holding + 0,10% for your VIP level 2.

BEST rewards = 100.000 * (0,50% + 0,10%) = 600 BEST

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However there is an option to get even more in monthly rewards if you are actively trading on the Bitpanda platform. Based on your monthly trading volume you can get an additional percentage added to the above calculation.

  • Volume >= €1.000: +0,05%
  • Volume >= €5.000: +0,15%
  • Volume >=€10.000: +0,25%
  • Volume >= €50.000: +0,35%

So if we continue the example above and you additionally buy e.g. Bitcoin for €6.000 on Bitpanda platform then you will qualify for an additional 0.15%

BEST rewards = 100.000 * (0,50% + 0,10% + 0,15%) = 750 BEST

If you have already invested in BEST or a frequent user of Bitpandas platform this is very attractive for you as you will be able to increase your BEST stack by a minimum of 0,50% every month. If the price of BEST at the same time increases over time then you will potentially look at even higher gains from these rewards.