Buy bitcoin with credit card

Buy bitcoin with credit and debit card

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to buy bitcoin is by purchasing with a credit or debit card. The reason is that buying crypto with credit card it is instant. Unlike other payment methods like bank transfer where you have to wait up to 2-3 business days before you deposit arrive.
As the cryptocurrency industry has matured over the past years especially with the boom in the end of 2017 a lot of crypto exchanges has started to offer purchase options via credit and debit card.

Instant deposits with credit and debit card

If you see that the prices of the cryptocurrencies are moving up at that moment and you want to buy bitcoin now, then you should use credit card or debit card to deposit with. Usually they deposited money will arrive on your account instantaneously, in rare cases it can take a bit longer. However if you can wait it is always recommended to do a bank transfer as they have very low fees or even zero fees.

Exchanges with credit card

Name Region Credit card fees Buy
Bitpanda Europe 1.50% Buy crypto
CEX Global 2.99% Buy crypto
Changelly Europe 5.00% Buy crypto
Coinbase Australia, Europe, UK and US 3.99% Buy crypto
Coinmama Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe,
South America, UK and US
5.00% Buy crypto

Above is a selection of cryptocurrency exchanges that offer purchase of bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies via credit card or debit card.

High costs

Buying with credit card is also very costly so it is very important to be aware of the high fees associated with credit card. Fees can vary from 1.5% up to 6% so be aware of this.

Buy bitcoin with credit card on Bitpanda

Bitpanda platform dashboard
Bitpanda (review) is one of the best crypto exchanges for customers in Europe. Bitpanda has a lot of payment options and one of the most popular is credit card. With credit card fees at 1.50%, Bitpanda is on of the lowest in the crypto industry and definitely worth checking out

Paying with credit card on Bitpandas platform is very easy. You can either choose VISA or Mastercard. The money is on your account instantly and you can then buy bitcoin or any other of their 30+ cryptocurrencies, including their own Pantos (PAN) and Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST).

They also have functionality that they call “Savings Plan” which is a recurring purchase on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is a great way to start owning bitcoin or any other crypto coin as you do not have to look at the price and the chart. You will just buy crypto consistently recurringly.

Buy bitcoin with credit card on Coinmama

Coinmama dashboard
Coinmama supports customers from more than 190 countries and they also have the option to purchase bitcoin and other crypto currencies like ethereum with credit card.

The exchange is very easy to use and in general a really nice exchange for people that are new to bitcoin and the whole crypto space. Coinmama is very well respected exchange.

Buy bitcoin with credit card on CEX landing page
The UK base cryptocurrency broker CEX, is also a very good place to buy cryptocurrencies. They have been around since 2013 and serve millions of users. They have a wide range of crypto currencies as well as functionality to server both beginners but also the businesses and institutions.

The platform is easy to use and it provide a high level of security. They have a minimum of $20 purchase with credit card and up $1000 on the lowest verification level that allows purchase of crypto.

Buy bitcoin with credit card on Coinbase

Coinbase dashboard
Coinbase is an excelent choice for purchasing cryptocurrencies with credit card or debit card. Coinbase has a great user experience and they make it possible to deposit and purchase crypto in a very few simple steps.

If you are looking to purchase cryptocurrencies on a regular basis you can benefit from the recurring purchase functionality where you can setup weekly, bi-weekly or monthly purchases of cryptocurrencies with credit card without having to think of if it is a good time to buy.
Overall Coinbase is top exchange for starting your crypto journey.