Bitpanda Stocks Announcements

Bitpanda just announced fractional stocks and ETFs. This is a huge leap forward for Bitpanda!

Bitpanda is preparing to bring fractional stocks and ETFs to their platform in April. This will allow the existing user base to not only buy cryptocurrencies but also to invest in stocks.

Stocks graph

Fractional stocks means that you can buy a small part (a fraction) of a stock. This will lower the entry bar for users that want to get into the stock market. If you would like to buy an Amazon you would have to spend €2600 to buy 1 Amazon stock. With fractional stocks you will be able to buy for €100 of an Amazon stock. Now the user owns 1/26 (0,03846153) of an Amazon stock. The fractional concept is something that the cryptocurrency users already know as you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin.

Bitpanda Stocks enable Bitpanda to tap into a completely new market and will enter direct competition with, Bux and Etoro.

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