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What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)? BAT is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It has been created and founded by Brendan Eich the founder of Javascript and Mozilla Firefox.

Blockchains and digital currencies have taken over the digital financial market in no time. Many existing technologies have profited the world with their exquisite technology. Still, companies have been moving to apply the new ways and methods for creating innovative technologies that would encounter older problems with previous networks. Basic Attention Token is one such application for improving the efficiency of digital advertising. This Ethereum-based token was created alongside its home platform, Brave Browser.

What does Basic Attention Token do for the media industry? It aims to revolutionize the payment of content creators and the concepts of advertisements. This utility token and ad exchange program has been integrated with the Brave Browser. It can be used as a currency on that browser to gain access to several different advertising services.

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What is Basic Attention Token for general users? Built under the same principles of being exchanged between users, advertisers, and publishers, BAT is based on one unusual concept that is not generally observed in the crypto market. It bases its work on the ‘user attention,’ which is one critical concept for general advertising companies.

BAT is a completely transparent, auditable, and decentralized application built with no third-party interference. It comes with a very legitimate use case and a working product, unlike many other crypto market products that have gained more popularity than BAT. It also provides users with the privilege of earning BAT by viewing advertisements. Being a less popular crypto coin, BAT can be bought by exchanging other coins. For this, users need a crypto wallet and access to an exchange that sells BAT coin in exchange for other crypto coins.

We would help users understand what the basic problem has been and what repercussions it had followed by what does Basic Attention do to counter these problems.

The advertising market was taken over by digital advertising in 2016. The online advertising sector has faced serious investments from brands since it tends to target the advertisements to the right customer. The digital advertising system has become a victim of its complexity. It can be understood from the fact that Facebook and Google cover 73% of all ad dollars as their cut. Several issues have risen with this traditional advertising system. Fraudulent sources have multiplied, and user privacy breaches have been considered very threatening when companies utilize personal information without user consent. BAT has brought a solution to bridge these gaps in the advertising market with its blockchain model for facilitating monetization among users, publishers, and advertisers.

What does BAT do to counter this problem? Their business model presents users with a share of the advertising, which brings will in watching these ads. It protects their privacy and retains the quality of their experience by projecting the concept of ‘user attention’ and furthering its utility by rewarding them with BAT tokens that are tradeable on all major exchanges. While using the existing machine learning algorithms to determine the user’s interest, it keeps the private data to the device.

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Is Basic Attention Tool a good investment? It surely is for people who wish to change the dynamics of digital advertising and protect them from unwanted and inconvenient user-interface. Three different new features are a part of BAT, which makes it distinguishable and dominant in the advertising industry.

We usually observe such ads on our screens, which have been searched on Google, social media, emails, or even private communications. These usually create uneasiness in users. While the Brave Browser created a utility for users, the BAT currency produced a new means of exchange and compensation for users who do not accept the traditional advertising system. BAT provides users with tokens for watching the sponsored content. Furthermore, they can eliminate the ads by paying through BAT tokens.

What does BAT do for users with ad blockers? It pays users for watching ads and provides users with the solution to this growing challenge. Ad Blockers, regardless of their utility, focus on an existential problem for the revenue structure of the Internet. Furthermore, advertisers are provided with a Return on Investment (ROI) for their content creation.

Many existing publishers and advertisers have set ad blocker detection applications that either hide content or send prompts to users until the user turns off the ad blockers. BAT consumes the threats and facilitates users by providing a means of exchange that stops them from using ad blockers.

If you are interested in looking at how well the BAT is performing in terms of new adopters, like content creators signing up for BAT. Then you can look up the growth here at

Is BAT a good investment? This cryptocurrency has shown its potential to become a promising platform to rise in 2020 and beyond. We have discussed the problems associated with the advertising industry and user privacy. The Basic Attention Token aims to revolutionize the systems of online advertising in the future and present a more dominant environment to its users where they are not only in control of the ads on their Brave Browser but are provided a monetary advantage for taking an interest in the advertisements. This model turns out to be more profitable and promotes equality in terms of the stakeholders involved in the industry.

The model that has been presented is a very approach in providing the publishers, along with the other associated parties, the revenue they should get. BAT is moving towards bringing equality in the distribution for both publisher and user ads. Its growth site provides daily updates over the increasing demands, which shows the BAT might take over the online advertising platform very soon.

BAT has always been available at affordable prices. Ranging from $0.21 to $0.86 at maximum in its lifetime, this shows that it shall remain affordable for the coming years. Thus it shows a very promising picture of its potential increase. Its future though, depends on the Brave Browser; users can easily access the browser and become a part of a promising community.

If you want to try out the brave browser then you can download it below:

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