The Sandbox

In order to earn free SAND tokens you will need to have a profile on CoinMarketCap as well as a Binance account. If you don’t have a Binance account you can use this link to get discount on fees.

Before you can start answering the quiz questions you will need to provide your email for your CoinMarketCap profile as well as your Binance ID, which you can find on the dashboard. See the complete guide here.

Now you are ready to start the quiz!

What is the total supply of the $SAND tokens??
Correct answer to question 1: 3,000,000,000 SAND

On which blockchain is The Sandbox ecosystem currently developed onto?
Correct answer to question 2: Ethereum

What is the main The Sandbox virtual world primary focus for users?
Correct answer to question 3: Playing games

What is NOT one of the main utility token of The Sandbox ecosystem?
Correct answer to question 4: Stablecoin

What is the name of the NFT Maker creation tool in The Sandbox that lets you make 3D game assets and tokenize them for putting on the Marketplace?
Correct answer to question 5: VoxEdit

How can users monetize their games on The Sandbox?
Correct answer to question 6: All of the above

What tokens standards do The Sandbox use for its technology?
Correct answer to question 7: All of the above

What can users do with the ASSETS bought on the marketplace?
Correct answer to question 8: Integrate them and Publish their game

Which of the below will be a feature of Play-To-Earn in The Sandbox:
Correct answer to question 9: All of the above

After completing the quiz you will be asked to provide a link to your public watchlist on CoinMarketCap. This you can remove after you have received your funds. Here is how you will find the URL to your public watch list on

Share watchlist

  1. Log into CoinMarketCap
  2. Click on user icon (top right)
  3. Click Watchlist
  4. Add a coin to your watchlist (if you haven’t done so already)
  5. Next click the share icon
  6. Enable public watchlist
  7. Copy the link

After you have provided the link make sure to submit all of your answers.

Now you just have to wait. The reward will be paid out when the Sandbox campaign ends in the beginning of October.

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