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Coinbase Earb - Compound lesson

On Coinbase Earn you can Earn free cryptocurrency by watching videos and answering a few questions afterwards. Sounds easy? It is!

This article will make it even easier if you don’t want to spend time watching videos and doing quizzes, as we have collected all the correct Coinbase earn answers, so that you can skip all the videos and head straight to the questions.

Shall we get started?

All the correct Coinbase Earn answers Numeraire

Question 1: Who submits predictions to Numerai?
Correct answer: A global community of data scientists.

Question 2: Why do data scientists stake NMR tokens?
Correct answer: To back up predictions and earn rewards.

Question 3: What do data scientists pay to obtain Numerai’s financial data?
Correct answer: Nothing.

All the correct Coinbase Earn answers Nucypher

Question 1: What does NuCypher provide to users and apps?
Correct answer: End-to-end encryption.

Question 2: What does NuCypher use to protect your data?
Correct answer: Independent nodes to perform tasks.

Question 3: Which of these is NOT a use of the NU token?
Correct answer: Paying Ethereum transaction fees.

All the correct Coinbase Earn answers Graph

Question 1: What information is indexed by The Graph?
Correct answer: Blockchain data.

Question 2: What do you earn for delegating GRT to an Indexer?
Correct answer: GRT tokens.

Question 3: Who identifies high quality, useful data on The Graph?
Correct answer: Curators.

All the correct Coinbase Earn answers Celo

Question 1: How does Celo give greater access to financial tools?
Correct answer: By making crypto accessible on mobile phones.

Question 2: What are 3 things Celo is used for?
Correct answer: Staking, governance, and stability.

Question 3: What’s one way to send a Celo Dollar?
Correct answer: Using the Valora Mobile App.

All the correct Coinbase Earn answers Compound

Question 1: What is a key benefit of using compound?
Correct answer: Earning Interest on your Crypto.

Question 2: What do you need to do to borrow crypto with compound?
Correct answer: Supply a Crypto asset as collateral.

Question 3: Who gets to decide the future of the Compound Protocol?
Correct answer: COMP token holders.

All the correct Coinbase Earn answers Stellar

Question 1: What is Stellar?
Correct answer: A decentralized protocol that unites the world’s financial infrastructure.

Question 2: What are Stellar Lumens (XLM)?
Correct answer: Facilitating low-cost, universal payments.

Question 3: Why is Stellar good for sending remittances?
Correct answer: Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global.

Question 4: Why would banks and businesses use Stellar?
Correct answer: To issue, exchange, and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently.

Question 5: How does Stellar’s Consensus Protocol work?
Correct answer: It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions.

All the correct Coinbase Earn answers 0x
Question 1: What is 0x’s vision?
Correct answer: To create a tokenized world, through frictionless, peer-to-peer exchange of tokens.

Question 2: What is the 0x protocol?
Correct answer: A new way to trade tokens and cryptocurrencies with other people.

Question 3: What is the ZRX token used for?
Correct answer: It can be used to pay relayer fees and participate in protocol upgrades in the future.

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