Earn free cryptocurrency on Coinbase Earn

There are several places where you can earn free cryptocurrencies. Most of these places are crypto exchanges where you can educate yourself and learn about specific cryptocurrencies blockchains etc. and earn free crypto.

One of the most well known crypto exchanges that offers this, is Coinbase. Currently you can earn up to $34 on Coinbase Earn for free by completing a few educational videos and answering some quick quiz questions.

If you don’t have time watch the videos you can find all the correct Coinbase Earn answers here.

Bitpanda Academy

Also Bitpanda offers their users to earn BEST (Bitpanda EcoSystem Token) through their academy. On Bitpanda Academy you can earn €5 in BEST.

You can read more about BEST and Bitpanda in this extensive review or dig deeper in the BEST rewards which is paid out to BEST holders every month.

When you earn free cryptocurrency on these platforms it might not be a lot. But if you keep them on the platform it might be worth a lot more in the future if the prices go up.

The platforms that offer free crypto requires you to sign up and verify your account before you can start earning.