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Bitpanda Pro platform

Choosing a good cryptocurrency exchange can be hard, there are many factors to take into consideration when picking an exchange that suits your needs. Bitpanda Pro is a good choice for you if you want a professional cryptocurrency platform.

Bitpanda Pro is a cryptocurrency exchange that gives traders access to the most traded cryptocurrencies. A very intuitive interface that works really well on desktop as well as mobile devices makes Bitpanda Pro easy to use and provide all the necessary tools at hand to make good trading decisions. The Bitpanda Pro platform appeals to seasoned professionals and new investors in the cryptocurrency space.

Being a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange under European law as its headquarter is located in Vienna, Austria makes Bitpanda Pro very attractive for European businesses and institutions that seek exposure to cryptocurrency assets.

The fees on Bitpanda Pro are extremely competitive as they are among the lowest in the industry for spot trading crypto exchanges. Bitpanda Pro fees start at 0.10% for maker fees and 0.15% for taker fees and can be reduced by 20% by paying fees with Bitpanda’s Ecosystem Token (BEST). If you are trading high volumes you will be able to get even lower trading premiums.

Read more about the BEST token and all the additional benefits of using it.

While Bitpanda Pro continues to add new trading pairs, users can enjoy the low fees on a lot of different euro pairs, as well as other fiat markets, like CHF, GBP and TRY.

Since Bitpanda Pro is based in Vienna, Austria and most of its customers are from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the most liquid markets are the euro pairs.

The most popular cryptocurrencies traded on Bitpanda Pro are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Iota, Chainlink, Stellar, Doge, BEST and Pantos.

If you are a business or a larger institution you might integrate the Bitpanda Pro API which is well documented and one of the best exchange APIs in the industry. Integrations can be done by either REST or WebSockets.

The Bitpanda Pro API supports one of the most used bot frameworks, CCXT which enables API users to create trading bots based on the CCTX framework.

Additionally Bitpanda Pro has partnered with a wide range of trading bots that gives users easy access to setting up a trading robot by them self without much coding knowledge

Bitpanda Pro interface
Bitpanda Pro interface is designed for all screen sizes, meaning you get a great user experience wherever you are using a phone or tablet, or if you prefer to buy crypto from your computer.

The order form where you put in your trades offers everything one would expect. You can select what order type you want to use (market, limit or stop limit order). You can put in the price and amount as well as adjusting the total with by using the percentage slider.

Bitpanda Pro also offers “Advanced” order types, these are typically used by traders that create bots by using the Bitpanda Pro API however these are also available in the interface for manual traders.

The Bitpanda Pro order book gives a good visual representation of where the orders are laying in the market by highlighting the background of each price level with a corresponding visual effect.

The order book can have two visualisation modes, a fancy one where price levels are animated when updated (recommended for stronger devices like computer and laptop), and a trimmed down version which updates without animation.

My orders panel shows your open active orders and filled orders last 24 hours. From there you can easily cancel open orders and go to your order history.

Bitpanda Pro has integrated Tradingview and it works like a charm. Besides the candlestick chart does Bitpanda pro also have a depth chart which gives an accumulated view of the order book.

Bitpanda Pro balances
On the balance page you can easily get an overview off your portfolio weight, how much value the individual assets have in both BTC and your default currency.

The two are not really comparable as it is two very different products. Bitpanda is set to lower the barrier of investing and make it accessible to everyone. Bitpanda Pro is made for seasoned professionals and analytical investors.

If you are new to crypto, Bitpanda is the product for you, it has an easy to use and very intuitive interface. Whereas Bitpanda Pro is for experienced traders that need a professional investment platform for cryptocurrency speculations.